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Getting Involved 

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Community involvement is a mechanical component of bridging essential life skills.  The World Through Him provides outreach support throughout communities we served. We provide various outreach services to help low income families, homeless men, women and children. We also provide the youth a free safe environment to learn leadership skills through diverse enrichment programs, such as variety of arts, social activities, athletic programs, and gaming activities. Stay tuned as we diligently to provide goods thrift goods. 

Our Support


The youth assist in gardening activities in order to learn about horticulture, the value of organic foods and ecology.

Pause & Read

We help increase reading skills and vocabulary by providing reading materials that the youth can enjoy, while maximizing learning and making independent reading a lifelong habit.

Homework Encouragement

Our volunteer staff members are skilled at motivating today’s youth. We encourage the completion of school assignments, and provide resources, support, and communication to drive the need to approach homework with a positive outlook.

Life Skills 

We help with group activities and individualized coaching that encourages the youth to recognize and manage emotions, develop problem-solving skills, and improve interactions with others.


We role model with our actions that teach children through their eyes to turn their attention inward in order to help them better deal with daily life situations.

Arts & Craft

Weekly arts and crafts are just one of many enrichment programs designed for the youth at our Activity Center, with opportunities for all children to gain confidence and deepen their interest in the visual arts.

Sports Activity

We teach the youth the basics of sporting activities such as basketball, football, and soccer along with the concepts of good sportsmanship on and off the field.